It is with great sadness that we inform you that Refugee Women's Association is closing permanently from 26th January 2024.

RWA over the years, has provided valuable support and a wrap-around advice service to women from many communities, from Hackney and across London. There is still such a need for this service, which RWA is sadly no longer able to provide. Many of you will know that RWA has recently suffered a great loss – our dear Directors, Simin Azimi and Jasmina Dimitrijevic both passed away in a short space of time, rocking the organisation to its core.

We have desperately tried to continue but the challenges have proved too difficult to overcome. Like all grassroots organisations, we have struggled with the impact of the rising cost of living in the UK and the current world climate – this, in addition to our loss of capacity, has become too much for RWA to bear.

We are proud that RWA was an organisation that promoted equal opportunities and had a reputation of always going the extra mile for its clients – it has been a shoulder to cry on, a back to lean on, and most importantly, a voice for the voiceless, never turning women away.

We are sorry that at a time of such need, we now have to close our doors and signpost our clients to other services.

Whilst we say goodbye we want to recognize the work of an incredible organisation and celebrate 30 years of amazing work helping refugee and migrant women and their families with the tough journey of integration - we are proud to have helped shape London into becoming one of the most diverse and vibrant cities in the world.

All that remains to say is a big thank you to everyone we have worked with over the years, to those who reached out to help us throughout this challenging time, to our funders who have been so understanding and to everyone who shares our vision of helping others.

Refugee Women’s Association