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Refugee Womenís News

This is a bi-monthly newsletter, produced since July 1999 after a long period of consultation with 45 refugee womenís organisations and groups.† It is very well-known amongst organisations and professionals working with refugees and is subscribed to not only by London organisations but an increasing number of organisations outside London. You can find a copies of refugee womenís news in various libraries in the UK, Europe and the USA.


  • Articles about issues concerning refugee women
    • Eg. Health, Housing, Gender-based Persecution, Dispersal, Regeneration
  • Letís Build Up: Information for Organisational Development
    • Eg. Fundraising, Policies, Employment Rights, Reports, Conference Reviews
  • Training & Courses Information
    • Eg. Esol and Customised training courses for individual refugee women, training for workers and management committee members of RCOs
  • Whatís on
    • Eg. Art, Music, Drama, Conferences, Seminars
  • Interviews
    • Eg. Interviews with Professionals, Womenís Activists, Individual Refugees on their life and work experiences

Recent Issues of Refugee Women's News

Issue 29: Refugee Women and Writing (June/July 2004)

Issue 30: Motherhood (August/September 2004)

Issue 31: Detention (January/February 2005)

Issue 32: Home (March/April 2005)

Issue 33: Women and War (May/June 2005)

Issue 34: Refugee Children and Young People (July/August 2005)

Issue 35: After the Bombs. The Impact of the July Bombings on the Lives of Refugee Women in London (September/October 2005)

Issue 36: Remembering Parvin (out February 2006!)

We will have a break from producing the newsletter so as to carry out an in-depth evaluation of the publication with our readers.

For more information on our newsletter magazine, or if you would like to contribute an article, please call us on 020 7923 2412 or email us at rwa@refugeewomen.org.uk.

What has been said about Refugee Womenís News

"Very useful as an information resource for women"

"This is an excellent newsletter full of useful information, we pass it on to people we work with"

"I thought this publication was really helpful and informative"

"Great newsletter, full of information, on what is already happened and what is coming up"

"I have never seen anything like this. Very useful for my work. We are outside London, and not aware of the information you are providing through these newsletters. It would be very useful if you could send some copies to the agencies outside London."


If you would like to receive copies or would like to contribute please contact RWA on 020 7923 2412

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